Barcelona, Birthday, EAGE and Synchronized Swimming

by Tom Hair

I’m posting this from Barcelona, while mixing a bit of fun with work as my wife Molly and several other Axiom team members attend the
72nd European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Conference June 14-17.

Molly and I celebrated our arrival to Barcelona, and my birthday, by my swimming 3,300 yards at Pisc
ines Picornell, the pool that is part of the Parc de Montjuic, which was the home of the 1992 Summer Olympics. Parc de Montjuic is the largest park in Barcelona and is 213 meters above the commercial zone of the city.

Often referred to as Montjuic Park, or simply Montjuic, this is actually a huge m
ountain that divides part of the city of Barcelona from the sea and gives it a unique character of natural beauty. There are two theories about how the name came about – the first one says that it is derived from the old Catalan phrase meaning 'Hill of the Jews' and the other one suggests that it comes from the corruption of the Latin Mons Jovicus (‘Hill of Jupiter’).

We then enjoyed a slice of life in the Parc watching a synchronized s
wimming competition. The obvious camaraderie of the young girls was a wonderful example of creative energy.


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