Want a Gold Apple Watch? All You Need is $5000

Going gold doesn't cost you extra when buying an iPhone or iPad, but a gold Apple Watch could potentially run you thousands of dollars. According to French website iGen, the premium, gold-plated Apple Watch Edition model will sell for up to $5,000, with the standard Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport retailing for $500 and $350, respectively. All versions are rumored to arrive on Feb. 14.

So what does $5,000 get you? According to its description on Apple's website, the Watch Edition model sports an 18-karat gold watch case that is designed to be 'twice as hard as standard gold.' The watch utilizes a sapphire crystal display, and can be outfitted with either a leather or sport wristband.

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The less luxurious (but still suave) Apple Watch packs a stainless steel case that comes in black and silver, with the option for either a leather band or one of several steel bracelets. The Apple Watch Sport, rumored to be the most affordable of the bunch, has an anodized aluminum case and uses plastic wristbands.

We'll have to spend more time with the Apple Watch to see how it stacks up to devices like the LG G Watch R and the Samsung Gear S, but, if these rumors hold up, Apple will at least have the title of 'most expensive wearable' secured. If the Watch Sport is Apple's lowest-end smartwatch at $350, it's still more expensive than premium-looking Android Wear watches like the G Watch R.

If you do have the cash to blow on these potentially high Apple Watch prices, you can at least surprise your significant other with one. The watch is currently rumored to arrive on Valentine's Day 2015, though Apple's website still lists a vague 'early 2015.'

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