Sony Unveils New 21MP Exmor RS Sensor, Possible Candidate For Xperia Z4?

Come CES 2015 in January next year, there is a chance that we could be treated to the Sony Xperia Z4 as Sony has confirmed that they will be hosting a press conference. Sure, it could be to announce new cameras, speakers, TVs, and etc., but many seem to be speculating that it could be about the Xperia Z4.

Now the specs of the Xperia Z4 remain something of a mystery for now, but perhaps Sony's recent announcement could clue us in. The company has recently announced a new Exmor RS sensor. This is the Exmor RS IMX230 sensor designed for smartphone cameras. It will feature 21MP and will use image plane phase detection autofocus, which according to Sony is a first for mobile phone cameras.

This form of autofocus can be typically found in dedicated cameras, such as mirrorless cameras, and will allow users to capture fast moving objects without too much blur. The sensor will also allow for capture of real-time HDR video, but in the 4K resolution as well. Sony is also expected to make a 16MP version of the sensor designed for mid-range handsets.

Of course there's no guarantee that this sensor will make its way into the Xperia Z4, but its announcement does seem to coincide with the rising speculation, not to mention it was just yesterday that we were treated to alleged leaked components of the device. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but based on these features, we would love to see it arrive in the Xperia Z4, wouldn't you?


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