Pizza Hut launches curry crust pizza amid revamp

14 minutes ago

Pizza Hut is getting menu makeover.

The new menu includes 10 new crusts, such as honey sriracha, and themed ones like 'Get Curried Away;' sauce additions like garlic Parmesan; and premium ingredients, including fresh spinach and cherry peppers harvested from the Peruvian highlands. Customers can add curry flavor to the pizza crusts and select from four 'drizzles,' including balsamic and buffalo.

There will also be 'skinny' pizzas for the calorie-conscious.

The world's biggest pizza chain launches the new menu nationwide Nov. 19.

'Today's consumer is always looking for new flavors,' chief marketing officer Carrie Walsh said during a phone interview.

Pizza Hut found customers wanted more customization and mashups of flavors, similar to what's available on the trendy food truck scene.

They also wanted lower-calorie pizza. A recent test of 'skinny' versions proved successful enough that the brand has decided to expand them nationwide.

Diners can choose to customize their pizzas with a skinny crust or order one of five new Pizza Hut skinny creations, which clock in at 250 calories or fewer per slice and feature a thinner crust.

Gone are the old Pizza Hut logo and box to modernize the 56-year old chain. Workers will also get a new look, ditching the former polo shirts and khakis in favor of jeans and t-shirts.

'I definitely see it as more of a proactive step in pushing the category to new places,' Walsh said. She admits some of the flavors 'push the envelope.'

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