Office, Xbox and Skype mega

Another way to get hold of Office 365

Microsoft has launched a subscription package that offers access to a selection of its online services for one year - but only if you live in the US, for now.

For $199, the company's new Work & Play Bundle provides access to the following services:

Office 365 Home (access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and 1TB of OneDrive storage) - usually $100 per year Xbox Live Gold - usually $60 per year Xbox Music Pass - usually $100 per year Skype Unlimited World and Wi-Fi - usually $14 per month More than pocket change

If taken out seperately, subscriptions to those services add up to a total of around $450, making it a pretty smart saving if you're a frequent user of Microsoft's various platforms.

However, there are a few caveats: the deal is only available from Microsoft stores, rather than online, and you'll have to sign up before it expires on January 4 2015.

We've contacted Microsoft to find out if the deal will be rolled out beyond US shores in the future.


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