Microsoft Getting With The Times, Offering Free Software To Consumers

For the first time in history, Microsoft will let its document creating suite-Microsoft Office-to be run on hardware that is not predominately powered by Windows. iOS users on the iPhone and iPad will now be able to use Microsoft's application on their devices. Better yet, the basic version of the suite are available free of charge. A 'preview version' of the application is currently available on the Google Play Store with plans for a full release being scheduled for early 2015.

This strategy is a major break from the one implemented by the tech giant that was Microsoft from the late 1980's up through the last decade. During that time, the company developed a reputation for charging outrageously high prices to both manufacturers and consumers alike for their software. Manufactures were even made to use Windows exclusively on their products if they wanted to use it at all.

Now the times are changing for Microsoft, and they are forced to compete on modern terms and without the benefit of the previously held monopoly. Microsoft has since loosened the reins on manufacturers wishing to use its software. The company has even decided that its software could be used free of charge on certain tablets and smartphones. Microsoft has even decided to start playing nice with competitors, allowing Microsoft Office to sync with a user's Dropbox account. Such a move is a big one for Microsoft, as Dropbox is a direct competitor with Microsoft's One Drive system.

Catering to one's competitors is an unfamiliar practice for Microsoft, but with tech companies like Google and Apple making significant strides in the software business, Microsoft is simply not the only show in town that it used to be.

Welcome to the future, Microsoft.


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