Microsoft Azure and Xbox Live Services Experiencing Outages

Microsoft Corp's Azure cloud-computing service, which hosts websites and lets customers store and manage data remotely, suffered serious outages on Tuesday taking its popular MSN web portal offline. The Xbox Live service also began experiencing issues at around the same time.

According to Microsoft's Azure status page, the problems started around 5pm Pacific time (6:30am IST) and have still not been fully solved. 'We are experiencing a connectivity issue across multiple Azure Services,' the page said.

'Microsoft is investigating an issue affecting access to some Microsoft services,' said a Microsoft spokesperson. 'We are working to restore full access to these services as quickly as possible.'

Azure outages are a serious problem for Microsoft as the company tries to sell its cloud-computing service as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to Amazon Inc's competing service called AWS.

They are also a headache to the many customers relying on Azure to host websites. That includes Microsoft itself, whose site was inaccessible on Tuesday.

Microsoft suffered its last major Azure outage in August.

As for Xbox Live, the current status page shows several services are 'Limited' for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, from social and gaming to TV, music, and video. The page shows that Xbox Live Core Services are up and running, as well as Purchase and Content Usage

Written with inputs from Reuters


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