Google Offering 1TB of Drive Storage on Purchase of New Chromebooks

This year has brought decline in the prices of cloud storage but no one knew that the end of the year would bring it for free.

Google has announced its holiday deal; it is offering terabyte of Google Drive storage free for two year for the customers who go for Chromebook laptops before 2014 ends. The free storage is offered for two consecutive years after the purchase.

Google Bolg states, 'And now, as a bonus for the holiday season, new Chromebook buyers can get 1TB of Google Drive storage for two years - almost $240 in value - absolutely free.'

Chromebooks run Chrome operating system; an OS based on Chrome web browser. All the activities on Chromebooks are online and users need web access to save them but can also work offline.

The features of Chromebook are same as the Windows-based laptop. The main difference between both is the reliance of Chromebooks on Google for things like music, email, calendar and productivity tools. Other than that, there are diverse third party services and apps that are designed for these laptops, but no traditional Windows software could be installed.

The data users save on Chromebooks are directly stored in Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides etc. So the free cloud storage is a great offer for anyone who wants to buy these laptops.

The current Drive price is $240; Google is providing it for free with new Chromebook purchase. Prices of these laptops are starting at $199.

Microsoft and Google offer 100 GB cloud storage program also for $2 per month.

According to the Google, 1TB of data means you can save more than 100,000 awkward holiday sweater pics.

Chromebooks are available at selected retail stores, Google Play and online outlets. To get this offer, it is necessary to buy Chromebooks before January 1, 2015.


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