Google Nexus Player – An addition to the set

Google introduces Nexus Player to beat set-tops like Roku 3 and Apple TV. This is a living room media box from Google family that is capable to render Android games and Netflix stream to TV.

Nexus Player

DVD and Blue-ray player are put behind by the arrival of set-tops like Roku 3 and Apple TV. Nexus Player is an addition to the niche that replaces the disc era in an advanced manner. This small gadget measures 129 x 120 x 20mm, features a puck-shape and is attached to the TV via HDMI. Unlike DVD players, Nexus Player is smaller yet significantly thicker. It is a Netflix player designed to stream and download media files from internet and also your home network.

Nexus Player offers downloading and streaming capabilities that are beyond your imagination. It runs on latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version, means it can run for long period and bring you numerous Android apps available in the Play Store. Nexus Player has been developed by Asus and they are busy making a gaming pad. Thus, Nexus Player would be soon going to play games as well. The gadget comes with ample space to download games and play them on TV or continue playing from the part you left off on your phone.


Nexus Player processes on 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom chipset and has specific graphics cards for HD videos and games. The 1GB internal memory storage is enough to run apps smoothly. Moreover, it has 8GB flash storage for downloading and saving games. It features 802.11ac 2 x2 (MIMO) strong network chip, capable to offer powerful connection to router. This will offer maximum benefit if used with ultra fast broadband pipes.

Nexus Players has an in-built microphone on the remote control that does well with your voice search requirements. The remote control is powered by 2 AA batteries and is connected to Nexus Player through Bluetooth 4.1. You will get a quick start-up guide with the Nexus Player that helps you quickly understand how to use the device. It does not have HDMI cable, so you need to buy one for your use.


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