Free Voice Calls Apps – Call For Free With These Android Apps

Free calling apps are a dime a dozen today. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the apps offer only audio calls while others have extended their services to video calls and group chats. Others are capable of connecting with other apps of their kind while still others prefer to work alone. Below is a list of the best free calling apps there are in the Android market currently.

Google Voice

Google Voice works well on smartphones and tablets. It has an amazing ability to synchronize missed calls, messages, voice mails as well as contacts across many devices. The fact that you can use one phone number for all your devices that have Google Voice installed on is very convenient. You can make calls, send messages and voice texts using one number but on various devices. The only thing you need to make this possible is a good internet connection.


The ability to connect with other Fring users around the world makes this app a favorite for many. The fact that it is free to make a video call and send text messages to people in far off lands makes it even sweeter. This app comes with an amazing feature called FringOut that makes it possible for users to call landlines or numbers that are not in their country of origin at very low rates. Another interesting feature is group calls. With Fring, you can hold groups call of up to 4 people at the same time. If your smartphone has a front-facing camera, you can hold a group video chat with the same number of people.


Over 100 million people have Skype installed on their Android devices. Just like the PC version, the mobile version gives users a variety of options of staying connected. It is the most popular of all the IM, voice and video call apps.

Kakao Talk

Just like the other apps in this category, KakaoTalk enables users to make free calls and send messages. It is differentiated from the other apps by its interface. It is quite easy to use and fun as well. There are animated emoticons to choose from as well as high quality customized themes for the user to enjoy. The app lets you change the theme whenever you want and the variety to choose from is very rich.


Offering both PC and mobile version, Tango has become quite popular. It can offer international audio and video calls alongside messages - all these at no cost at all. Like other applications that offer data calling services, all you need is a good internet connection - either Wi-Fi or 3G. With the recent updates, it is possible to send an audio message as well as upload and share pictures just like people do on Facebook. The amazing animations on this app make your text conversations rather interesting and lively compared to the usual chat conversations. You can also purchase their exciting themes.


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