First WP Device With Microsoft Lumia Branding Spotted

Nokia is globally recognized as a company that makes mobile phones but ever since it sold its devices and services business to Microsoft many people have been wondering when Microsoft will stop using the Nokia brand, for which it has a license, under the terms of the sale. We had heard rumors that the Nokia Lumia branding would be replaced with Microsoft Lumia and indeed that was made official very recently. Now we have our first look at the very first device to tout the Microsoft Lumia branding from the get go.

The picture of this device has surfaced online courtesy of which spotted it on the Tenaa website in China. It can clearly be seen that this smartphone carries the Microsoft Lumia branding as opposed to Nokia Lumia which has been present on previous Windows Phone devices from this company.

This device, RM-1090, doesn't appear to be a high-end offering instead it is believed to have a 5-inch 960×540 pixel resolution display and a 1,905mAh battery. That's all the information available about this device at this point in time but even by this it can be ascertained that its purely a low-end device.

In what markets will this device be released and when remains a mystery for now. Microsoft has not yet revealed anything about this smartphone. As far as Nokia and mobile phones are concerned, that chapter may not be entirely over.


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