First Microsoft Lumia phone will be revealed next week

Microsoft has teased a Lumia-related announcement for 11 November.


The first Microsoft Lumia smartphone is looming: Microsoft has teased a new Lumia device to be revealed in less than a week.

Microsoft has posted a teaser of the new device under the hashtag #MoreLumia, with the date of the unveiling set for 11 November -- next Tuesday.

'Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone,' promises the post on the recently-renamed Conversations blog where Microsoft and previously Nokia share Lumia-related news.

The teaser gives us only a glimpse of the corner of what is presumably the first device to swap the Nokia name for a Microsoft logo. The new phone is orange -- and the text too -- which ties together with the orange-coloured image revealed last month showing off the Microsoft logo. Although it only showed part of what could be a new device, the Microsoft and window-shaped logo in that image don't appear to be joined by the word Lumia.

'We are looking forward to unveiling a Microsoft Lumia device soon', said Microsoft's Tuula Rytilä at the time, while denying the name change would render today's Nokia Lumia phones obsolete.

The Nokia name will remain on phones, however -- Microsoft will continue to slap the Nokia logo on entry-level phones.


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