Facebook launches new "Say Thanks" video card service

Facebook users interested in reaching out and touching someone in a heartfelt way, take notice: the social network has debuted a new video card service.

Facebook calls it 'Say Thanks,' and it's all about recognizing the connections people share with their friends and family members. The service began its roll out on Wednesday, which means that many Facebook users may not have access to the new service for a few days; however, the social network says that it will eventually be available to all of its desktop and mobile device users.

Facebook users that choose to send a card get to select a friend they would like to say hello to, and the Say Thanks service auto-generates a video reel that users can then customize. The photos displayed in the reel and the overall theme of the 45-second video can be selected before Facebook publishes it to your Timeline, complete with a tag for the friend or family member users chose to appreciate.

Since Facebook is spread across so many different international users, the service isn't relegated to the English language. Whether your native tongue is Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, German, French or Spanish, the new service has you covered. There's no word on whether additional languages will be added in the future.

This isn't the first time Facebook has debuted a service that automatically generates a personalized video featuring milestones taken from the Timelines of its users. In 2012, the social network provided a 'Year in Review' service that collected noteworthy status updates over the course of a user's last 12 months, setting the entire experience to music, and then publishing it to user Timelines for friends and family members to enjoy.

The timing of the new Say Thanks video service is appropriate, especially with the US holiday of Thanksgiving just two scant weeks away. While many cynics will scoff at the institutionalization of sentiment the auto-generated videos represent, with Facebook receiving largely positive feedback from its other video generating services the likelihood that Say Thanks will be popular is relatively high.


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