Blizzard's first new game in 17 years

Article By: Hadlee SimonsMon, 10 Nov 2014 7:43 AM Overwatch. Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard has revealed its first all-new videogame in 17 years, in the form of Overwatch.

The original game was announced at its Blizzcon event over the weekend.

A first-person shooter with a multiplayer focus, Overwatch seems like a cross between Team Fortress 2 and Dota.

The game features a number of offbeat characters, each possessing their own unique superpowers.

' Overwatch features a wide array of unique heroes, ranging from a time-jumping adventurer, to an armored, rocket-hammer-wielding warrior, to a transcendent robot monk,' said Blizzard.

'Every hero plays differently, and mastering their abilities is the key to unlocking their potential. No two heroes are the same.'

Blizzard is currently accepting sign-ups for the game's beta.

Check out the gameplay trailer to get a better idea of what Overwatch is all about.


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