AWS: With more than 1 million active customers, we're your stack

Summary: Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services, positioned the company's cloud as a feature rich stack instead of a commodity infrastructure play.

(Image: Amazon live stream)

LAS VEGAS - Amazon Web Services has more than 1 million active customers as defined by non-Amazon customers who use the cloud at least once a month. The takeaway: 'The cloud is the new normal,' said Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services.

Jassy positioned that AWS is the fastest growing IT company in the world and touted customer wins and ecosystem growth. Jassy called out systems integrators and 1,900 products on AWS' marketplace. 'This area of our business has grown dramatically,' said Jassy.

The themes from Jassy emerged at AWS' re:Invent 2014 conference.

Overall, AWS is positioning itself as the new normal for infrastructure with a platform that can do everything from analytics, to app services to management to mobile services, administration and security as well as the core compute, storage, networking and databases.

With Jassy's talk it became clear that AWS sees itself as more than a commodity infrastructure play. Jassy talked up features that have evolved over time for compute, storage and data warehousing.

'The pace of innovation is accelerating,' said Jassy, who brought up a bevy of customers including MLB Advanced Media, which builds on AWS.

The goal here is clear: Create a stack for enterprises and a nice daily annuity.

Yes, daily. For instance, Antony Setiawan, cloud systems engineer at Adobe, is using Splunk to monitor and log its AWS instances. Adobe uses AWS infrastructure for its various services including the Creative Cloud. Setiawan oversees about 3.5 TB of data a day and aims to spend $12,000 per TB a day on AWS. Multiply that Adobe use case by hundreds of enterprise and you get the picture for AWS.


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