Apple changes App Store "Free" button to say "Get"

Back in the day (as in yesterday) you could go to the App Store and tap a button that said FREE to download a free app. Today, you'll be tapping a button that says GET. Why? Speculation is that issues regarding in-app purchases and litigation overseas may be to blame.

I guess it makes sense, as many 'free' apps are really 'freemium,' meaning that to unlock more features or levels you have to pay for in-app purchases. Still, I think 'Get' is a little silly at best and at worst, confusing to some users. We speculate that some may wonder that if they tap that button they will 'get' a virus. Also, I think many people will wonder what the app actually costs -- because now the pricing info isn't up top.

What do you think of Apple's change in terminology?


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