Amazon Gives Fire Tablet Users Free Access To The Washington Post

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post a little over a year ago, it wasn't clear what he had in store for the struggling newspaper. Turns out he had synergy on his mind: Today, users of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet are receiving a free Washington Post app that will give six-months of access to all the paper's articles and videos.

The app will have two editions a day and is designed for an international audience. It's the first step of what Bezos hopes will push The Post into a newspaper that isn't just meant for the Beltway and DMV readers.

According to The Post, following the first six months of free access, users can receive another six months for $1. Following that six-month stretch, access to the app will cost between $3 and $5 per month.

Versions of the app for other platforms are planned, but it is unlikely those versions will also receive the six-month freebie.

[Photo: Flickr user Courtney Boyd Myers]


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