A spiffy new calendar app for Android

Google has announced a refreshed version of their calendar app for Android. Besides being based on their new Material design philosophy that uses brighter colors and more intuitive interactivity, it introduces several enhancements in the way users interact with their daily schedules and appointments. These include:

The ability to locate and automatically pull schedule-based information from other Google services (Gmail, for example) and automatically add it to relevant dates in the calendar. So the next time you book a movie or a flight ticket, all of the pertinent information (dates, times, locations etc) will be sniffed out and added to the correct location in your calendar without any manual intervention.

A more intuitive way to create appointments and schedules with a smart suggestion system that prompts as you type. So if you were to create a new event, you'd simply type something like 'Dinner with ABC at XYZ'. At ABC, you'd see a live selection of names from your phonebook, and at XYZ, matching location places will be pulled automatically from Google Maps. Also over time, entire events will be remembered so they can be quickly re-created.

A new schedule view delivers a visually appealing snapshot of appointments, complete with relevant graphics that depict events.

Right now the new calendar app is only available for devices running Android 5.0 (admittedly very, very few), but support for version 4.1 and above should be arriving in the coming weeks. There's also a version promised for iPhone users.

Read more about the new Google Calendar app here and see the video here:

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