Google discounts Compute Engine… again

Google has once again reduced the pricing of its Compute Engine, this time by about 10 per cent, as a result of increased efficiency in its datacentres and falling hardware costs.

The change is effective immediately across all instances in every region.

'We believe that compute - the core of any Cloud workload - should be simple and fast to provision, scale without effort, and be priced in accordance with Moore's Law,' Google technical infrastructure senior vice-president, Urs Hölzle, said.

'Using Compute Engine doesn't just lower costs, it makes developers more productive, agile and efficient. A small company like Snapchat can reach a global audience with just a few people on its development and operations team. Workiva... can focus on solving the needs for its users rather than managing infrastructure.'

In March, Google 'set a new standard for economics in the public Cloud' (according to Hölzle, that is) when it slashed prices across its entire Cloud Platform by between 30 to 85 per cent.

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At the time, the cost of Compute Engine was reduced 32 per cent, App Engine pricing decreased by 37.5 per cent per instance-hour, Cloud Storage was discounted to $US0.026 per gigabyte (GB), and BigQuery price dropped by 85 per cent.

Google also promised sustained-use discounts which start automatically for customers which use a virtual machine for more than 25 per cent of the month. An entire month's use includes an additional 30 per cent over the new on-demand prices, amounting to a total reduction of 53 per cent of the original price.

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