Elon Musk Is Ready to Show Us His 'D'

Attention, world. Elon Musk has something to show us. His D.

No, not that D, you perv.

The Tesla Motors CEO tweeted late Wednesday that it's 'About time to unveil the D and something else.' Attached to the tweet was a photo of a garage door with the letter D on it being raised to show the front end of a Tesla vehicle, and the date Oct. 9, 2014.

The mysterious tweet naturally set off a firestorm of speculation - and humor - about what Musk has to share.

The internet is waiting with bated breath to see Elon Musk's D

- Kwame Opam (@kwameopam) October 2, 2014

*elon musk closes the door, turns the lock* *he unties the belt on his three quarter length black silk robe* 'It's time to Unveil the D.'

- spooky dan seifert (@dcseifert) October 2, 2014

An hour later, Musk sent out a follow-up tweet suggesting that the sexual innuendo was unintentional. Right, Elon. Right.

'I love the Internet,' he wrote. 'Comments had me literally ROFL. No, it wasn't intentional. Glad I didn't mention the other letter!'

One thing we probably shouldn't expect is a new Tesla 'Model D' vehicle. As CNN pointed out, it would be really hard for Tesla to keep a brand-new car under wraps until a week before its debut.

In July, Musk also confirmed that the company's next car after the Model X SUV will be called the Model 3 and retail for $35,000.

More likely is that the D refers to some sort of driver assist or all-wheel drive feature for the Model S. Until now, the electric sedan has been rear-wheel drive only. Plus, Musk last year said that Tesla was working on an autopilot system for the Model S.

For now, we'll just have to sit tight until next week's announcement. In the meantime, check out what happened when we had 10 Thrilling Minutes in Tesla's Model S.


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