Blizzard has canceled Titan, the only MMO it had in development

Everyone is wondering what Blizzard will do next. Of its most well-known intellectual properties, the franchise was reinvigorated with the launch Diablo III and the conclusion to StarCraft II is still in our future. So, all eyes are on the dwindling subscriber base of MMO World of Warcraft. Will it go free-to-play, will there be a WoW 2? What we know for sure is that, now, there won't be a Titan MMO to replace it.

During an interview with Polygon, Blizzard's co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime has confirmed that Titan is officially a canceled project. The MMO was never officially announced and we knew very little about it, but we do know it had been an active project in some form since 2007. That's no longer the case, though.

Chris Metzen, president of story and franchise development at the company, said the decision to cancel Titan was 'excruciating.' But ultimately it had to be done. It was the most ambitious project and MMO Blizzard had attempted, but ultimately they 'didn't find the fun.' After seven years of development, if you don't have a fun game then it's clearly time to give up and move on.

This decision puts Blizzard in a bit of a quandary. They don't want to be viewed as an MMO company, but at the same time no team has been more successful at creating one. Now, they don't have any MMO projects in development, and Morhaime has suggested that isn't likely to change any time soon.

Instead they just see World of Warcraft continuing on, and the company's attempt at entering the MOBA space. WoW's popularity will naturally diminish, but they'll support it until it no longer makes sense to do so. That could be another decade or more, and who knows how many more content updates they can squeeze out to bolster subscriber figures.

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