A Mustang that's rewarding to drive; excellent steering; grip from Performance ...

Goodbye Falcon, hello Ford Mustang.

Okay, it's not 2017 yet so we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves, but what you're looking at here - and what we've driven - is the car that will replace the XR8 and GT as Ford Australia's local halo model.

Once the robots stop rotating and the assembly lines cease rolling at Victoria's Broadmeadows plant in late 2016, the Mustang will be the only V8-powered Ford you'll be able to buy in Australia.

Crucially, the famous American muscle car will be more attainable than ever before as a result of the One Ford approach that has made the new, sixth-generation model a global rather than US-only model - also factory-built in right-hand drive.

Apart from a period of official sales in the late 1960s here, Mustangs have otherwise only been available locally as conversions costing from $85,000 to above $100,000.

You can halve that last figure for the new 'Stang, with a starting price potentially just under $50,000 putting it within reach of a far greater number of keen drivers.

There are further benefits for the Mustang's migration to other markets. Ford has at last ditched the antiquated live rear axle and introduced independent rear suspension.


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