Windows 9 to include interactive Live Tiles and a notification center?

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Windows 9 is getting closer to its Technical Preview with each passing day, but until the moment of truth arrives it appears that Threshold really enjoys its time under the spotlight. That's the upcoming OS's codename in case you're wondering, but more to the point, a fresh report from WinBeta suggests that Windows 9 will include interactive Live Tiles as well as a notification center.

As most of you know, the original Start Screen launched by Microsoft as part of Windows 8 was received with mixed reactions. Evidently, users who don't own devices with touch support saw no use in this new feature, and it was rightly so. Nevertheless, the OS evolved and improved tremendously since it made its debut, and apparently Windows 9 will get even better, party with the help of interactive Live Tiles. This feature has been experimented on by Microsoft before, and back in April we even saw a video showcasing the interactive Live Tile functionality to certain extents.

Apparently the way the new Modern UI works is that you can either have it instead of your desktop, or don't, depending on the type of device the OS is installed on, and the OS version itself. However, Windows 9 is also said to include a new 'mini' Start Menu which can act as a Start Screen for desktop users.

In addition, sources of WinBeta also suggest that Windows 9 will include a notification center similar to the one that was recently implemented in Windows Phone 8.1.

Although both features are said to be available at launch, they won't be implemented in the Windows 9 Technical Preview expected to be distributed to developers in late September or early October. Nevertheless, the Technical Preview might receive new software updates once or twice a month until the final version will be ready for the masses, and it's not out of the question for these two exciting features to be added later on. However, chances are slim for this to happen before the end of 2014. The Technical Preview will boast several UI changes, and it might also remove the Charms bar.

Windows 9 might be officially announced on the 30th day of September, but the aforementioned date is not set in stone so it remains subject to change, at least for now. Until we find out more, feel free to share your thoughts with us and stay tuned.

Source: WinBeta | Via: The Verge


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