Standalone Xbox One Kinect Sensor Arrives Oct. 7

Heads up for those of you who own the cheaper Xbox One without a Kinect.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced it will begin selling a standalone Kinect on Oct. 7 for $149, just in case you decide you want the motion sensor after all. To sweeten the deal, Microsoft is bundling the sensor with a digital download of Dance Central Spotlight, so you can start using it right away.

The device will let you take advantage of features like voice and gesture controls, biometric sign-in, and QR code-scanning, along with enhanced experiences for games like Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3, and Project Spark.

'We believe Xbox One is better with Kinect, offering unlimited possibilities, and we're seeing our fans use Kinect for Xbox One every day, with billions of voice commands since launch,' Microsoft said in a statement. 'Twitch, Game DVR, and Upload are just a few of the experiences that are better with Kinect - for voice broadcasting, recording gameplay and Natural Voice search via Bing.'

Kinect also lets you make video calls on Skype, as well as control your TV and set-top box with your voice.

The move to launch a standalone sensor comes after Redmond last month announced that Xbox One sales had more than doubled in the U.S. after it started selling the $399 Kinect-less system on June 9. The Xbox One without Kinect is $100 cheaper than the standard console, bringing it in line with the price of Sony's rival PlayStation 4.

Microsoft moved to seller the cheaper Xbox One after the PlayStation 4 consistently outsold its console month after month. The Xbox One hasn't exactly been a failure, but Sony has moved more consoles thus far, recently topping 10 million in sales.


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