Finding a sapphire iPhone 6 might be easier than you thought

It looks like the back-and-forth regarding whether or not there will be sapphire in the iPhone 6 display is going to continue until Apple finally answers the question once and for all on September 9th. 9to5Mac shared an investment note on Wednesday from PTT Research Forensics stock analyst and GTAT investor Matt Margolis in which he claims that every 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will come with a sapphire display, but only high-end 4.7-inch models will get the sapphire treatment.

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'According to sources close to Foxconn's manufacturing operations the iPhone 6 will come built with sapphire cover screens in both sizes,' he wrote. 'These sources have also indicated that the 4.7-inch Phone 6 is being assembled in two varieties, a sapphire cover screen version and a version featuring Gorilla Glass. At this point I do not know the approximate mix between the two cover screen options on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. My latest check on the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 indicates that all units of the device are expected to come protected by a sapphire cover screen at this point.'

Margolis obviously has a vested interest in Apple's decision, but he's one of many who have backed up claims that Apple will in fact begin transitioning to sapphire this generation.

Just two weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that premium iPhone 6 models would feature sapphire displays. Two two reports aren't exactly conclusively, but the idea that Apple is reserving sapphire for more expensive phones is becoming a theme.


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