Samsung announces open source digital health platform and hardware

SAMSUNG ANNOUNCED a major digital health initiative on Wednesday with the introduction of a cloud-based digital health tracking framework and a reference design for advanced wearable technology.

Samsung unveiled the initiative at an event in San Francisco, announcing both open software and hardware efforts, along with a $50m fund dedicated to innovative start-ups and technologies in the digital health field.

On the software side, the firm outed the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interations (SAMI), an open source cloud-based framework aimed at collating users' fragmented health data for more useful analysis. This, Samsung explained, will allow multiple devices - such as the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit - and sensors to securely store data in the cloud, data that will be made available so applications and services are able to provide better insights into users' health and wellbeing.

'SAMI will allow data to be controlled by the individual generating it and not by third-parties, so that personal health data can be better protected,' Samsung added.

The firm also announced the Samsung Simband, a reference design wearable device 'capable of integrating the most advance sensing technologies in the world'. According to the firm, this open hardware will allow innovation in areas such as battery life and non-invasive sensor technology to advance wearable technology. The firm said that it will not sell the Simband commercially, but it likely will make its future wearable devices more appealing.

Samsung president and chief strategy officer Young Sohn said, 'Samsung's Digital Health Initiative provides an exciting opportunity for the brightest minds in the technology world to come together to develop the products that will, for the first time, put individuals in the driver's seat in understanding their own health and wellness.

'At a time when healthcare spending is at record levels and when the number of people over the age of 60 worldwide is expected to exceed more than 1.2 billion by 2025, digital health is an incredibly important area for innovation. We believe this initiative is an essential first step and we invite developers and partners across the globe to join us in creating the technologies of the future that will help make people's lives healthier.' ยต


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