Xbox One to be available in China in September

Besides China, the Xbox One will also launch in 42 other countries in the same month.


Following the lift on a 13-year ban on consoles last September, Microsoft will soon be launching its Xbox One in China through its joint venture E-Home Entertainment.

E-Home Entertainment comprises of Microsoft and BesTV, and takes advantage of the slightly more relaxed rules of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The current rules allow for the sale of consoles only in the zone, and we've contacted Microsoft to find out if the Xbox One will be restricted to the same guidelines.

Also announced was a new developer program to develop and sell games 'fused with Chinese culture' for local as well as international distribution.

Microsoft reckons China will be a big market -- the company says there are half a billion gamers in China and the gaming industry has generated $13 billion in revenue as of 2013. However, this is from PC, mobile and online gaming.

Besides China, Microsoft's Xbox One will also debut in 42 other countries in September, such as India, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Previously, only 26 markets had been confirmed.


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