Google Glass is Available to Everyone in U.S. Again! (Update)

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On April 15 Google opened up its Google Glass Explorer program to everyone in the United States. On that day, anyone who wanted to cough up $1,500 was able to pick up a pair of the company's futuristic headset. Google is again allowing anyone to buy Google Glass, but this time it has been less public about the release. There's no word on when it will close sales, if ever, and the availability was simply noticed by users on Reddit.

Just like last week, you can move through the process of choosing the Google Glass color you prefer. You'll also be able to pick a set of frames or shades, which typically cost $225 and $150, respectively. Orders are still expected to ship within 5-7 days and include free shipping. Oddly, however, if you go to the main page, it still says that Google is out of spots in the Explorer Program, so you need to head right to the Google Glass store.

TechnoBuffalo reached out to Google to clarify the situation but a spokesperson was not immediately available. It seems unlikely that Google Glass will be available to all permanently, at least without any fanfare. We'll update this article as soon as we hear back.


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