Google could be looking to Nest to build exciting new products outside of smart ...

When Google first purchased Motorola to the tune of $12 billion back in 2011, some analysts predicted Google was in it only for the patents and to some extent, they were. But other than simply bolstering their patent portfolio to help defend Android her hardware partners, some saw it as an undercover move by Google to get into the hardware business.

But now that Google is ready to call it quits with Motorola, who will the search giant turn to for building new hardware? The answer could lay in Nest. According to sources from TechCrunch, Google has big plans for Nest - whom they recently purchased for $3.2 billion - outside of building smart thermostats and smoke detectors. Does this mean we could see a Nest built smartphone or tablet in the future? Not so fast...

It's being said Google didn't buy Nest solely for their popular thermostat, but to get a hold of their amazing product team. Have you guys ever seen a Nest up close? It really is a thing of beauty. Tony Fadell, Nest's CEO, originally worked with Apple on both the iPod and iPhone, and when he left to found Nest, he managed to bring many ex-Apple engineers along with him.

With Fadell more than capable of building shiny new gadgets for Google, it's possible we'll soon see Google Glass and the Chromecast joined by other innovative new products. Nest-built Android game console, anyone?


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