Build Virtual LEGO Kingdoms With Chrome

What's better than plopping onto the floor alongside a pile of mixed up LEGO pieces, ready to let your imagination roam free? The promise that you won't step on a renegade LEGO brick. A promise that comes only with the worldwide launch of Google's Build with Chrome experiment.

First launched in Australia and New Zealand over the summer, the feature has now rolled out to the rest of the globe, allowing anyone to build and publish their LEGO creations on the Web.

'We think the creative freedom of LEGO bricks shouldn't be limited to plastic bins,' Adrian Soghoian, Google product marketing manager, wrote in a blog post.

The collaboration between Chrome and the LEGO Group has brought the colorful plastic pieces to the Web via 3G graphics technology WebGL.

Use the keyboard or mouse to construct LEGO houses, dinosaurs, Ferraris, or whatever your heart desires. You can even build on your phone or tablet with the Chrome for Android support for WebGL on devices with high-end graphics capabilities.

'We've added a few new features to make it easier to build and explore the digital world of LEGO creations,' Soghoian said.

By signing into the site with a Google+ account, builders can see what people in their circles have created. Plus, a new categorization system for completed builds helps to sort and filter for specific types of structures, like buildings, characters, or vehicles.

The global launch also aims to promote the upcoming LEGO Movie animated film. Enter the Build Academy to train to become a Master Builder, just like Morgan Freeman's Vitruvius. Explore tutorials or try challenges featuring characters and structures from the film, which hits theaters Feb. 7.

Check out the new Build with Chrome LEGO experiment in the video below.

Apple iOS users may be left out of mobile LEGO building, but they will find a handful of Chrome enhancements for the iPhone and iPad. Google on Monday pushed out the new translation bar, a new tab page for faster and easier searching, and a feature that reduces data usage.


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