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10 latest black face Facebook chat emoticons

            Today I'm going to give you latest Facebook chat emoticons.You can simply use them when you are chatting with others copy  the code and paste it on the chat box.

        Enjoy with our new black face Facebook chat emoticons.

A Fresh Brand for Newly Formed Peebler Group

The Peebler Group
, a Houston strategic consulting firm founded by longtime energy industry leader Robert Peebler, opened for business last month with a fresh look designed by Axiom, which included the Peebler logo, website and stationery.

Peebler previously was CEO of ION Geophysical from 2003 to 2011 and was CEO of Landmark Graphics, where he guided the company through its acquisition by Halliburton in 1996. His executive experience spans 20 years in the energy industry. Peebler is regarded as “one of the true visionaries within the oil and gas industry,” said Raymond Cline Jr., associate dean of the College of Technology at the University of Houston.

Peebler turned to Axiom, which has developed award-winning creative for ION, when the time came to start his own company. The triangular logo features shades of red that overlap, conveying a forward-thinking, innovative and synergistic approach to how the Peebler Group works with its clients.

make your blog Adsense friendly

Having an inappropriate content in your blog or website is against the AdSense program policies. Inappropriate content can be any images, forum posts, comments, links etc. It may also include sexually explicit forum posts or spam bot comments with links to adult sites.

Top tips to make your blog Adsense-friendly are mainly categorized under two heads namely ‘Prevention‘ and ‘Monitoring‘.


Publish clear content guidelines and policies that your users will have to accept and adhere to in order to sign up and use your site’s services.
If you own a photo or video sharing site where users are permitted to upload adult or other non-compliant content, clearly structure your content to avoid placing your ad code in sections/categories containing this type of content. The same idea could also be easily applied to online stores with adult sections or to classifieds sites which offer adult dating classifieds.

Ask users to tag their inappropriate content (e.g. sexually suggestive pictures or videos) as being non family-safe. This can help you perform human evaluations of potentially inappropriate content for AdSense ads. You can also try installing keyword filters for content related to adult topics, violence, or drugs, for instance. While we’re unable to provide you with details about setting up these filters for your site, we recommend searching for terms such as “keyword filtering” or “content filtering” on
Implement spambot protection for your comment forms, forums, and guest books. If you need more information on this topic, try a Google search for “spambot protection”.


Set up ways for your community to monitor itself. For example, try adding a “Report inappropriate content” link to your pages, to allow users to flag content for you to review.
Proactively review pages, videos, photos, etc. with high pageviews on a regular basis.
Spot-check content based on keywords, content search, or related user accounts. For example, try entering keywords related to inappropriate content in your own search engine and checking the results. Alternatively, you can search on using the following parameter, replacing ‘’ with your own site’s URL and ‘keyword’ with a specific word or phrase: “ keyword”.
Create editorial policies and exercise moderator control in your comments, forums, and guestbook sections.


common windows 8 error messages

 Following are some of the most common Windows 8 error messages, notifications, and just plain confusing attempts at conversation. Find a message that matches what you’re experiencing and then read how to handle the situation as gracefully as Windows 8 will allow.

Would you like to install this device software?

Meaning: Are you sure that this software is free from viruses, spyware, and other harmful things?
Probable cause: A window similar to the one shown appears when you try to install or update a driver for one of your computer’s parts.
Solutions: If you’re sure the file is safe, click the Install button. But if this message appears unexpectedly, or you think it may not be safe, click the Don’t Install button.

Do you want to save changes?

Meaning: You haven’t saved your work in a program, and your work is about to be lost.
Probable cause: You’re trying to close an application, sign out, or restart your computer before telling a program to save the work you’ve accomplished.
Solutions: Look in the window’s title bar for the program’s name. Then find that program on your desktop (or click its name on the taskbar to bring it to the forefront). Finally, save your work by choosing Save from the program’s File menu (or tab) or clicking the program’s Save icon. Don’t want to save the file? Then click Don’t Save to discard your work and move on.

How do you want to open this type of file?

Meaning: The dialog box appears when Windows doesn’t know which program created the file that you double-clicked.
Probable cause: Windows programs add hidden secret codes, known as file extensions, onto the ends of filenames. When you double-click a Notepad file, for example, Windows spots the file’s secret, hidden file extension and uses Notepad to open the file. But if Windows doesn’t recognize the file’s secret code letters, this error message appears.
Solutions: If you know what program created the mysterious file, choose it from the list of programs offered in the message. (Click More Options to see other programs, but those programs will rarely be able to open the file.)
If Windows doesn’t offer any valid suggestions, however, choose Look for an App in the Store. You may need to download or buy an app from Start screen’s Store app.

Malware detected: Windows Defender is taking action

  Meaning: When the built-in Windows 8 antivirus program, Windows Defender, finds a potentially dangerous file on your computer, it lets you know with this message. Windows Defender then removes the file so it can’t harm your computer or files.
This particular notification looks identical on both the desktop and the Start screen; it always appears in the screen’s top-right corner.
Probable cause: A dangerous file — malware — probably arrived through e-mail, a flash drive, a networked computer, or a website. Windows is removing the file so it can’t do any harm.
Solutions: You needn’t do anything. Windows Defender has already caught and removed the evildoer.

Add your Microsoft account

Meaning: You must sign in with a Microsoft account to perform several tasks in Windows 8. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you’ll see this message. Microsoft accounts let you reap the most benefits from Windows 8.
Probable cause: You may have tried to use the Mail, People, Calendar or Messenger app, which all require a Microsoft account. You also need one to download an app from the Microsoft Store.
Solutions: Sign up for a free Microsoft account.

You don’t currently have permission to access this folder

Meaning: If you see the dialog box shown here, it means Windows won’t let you peek inside the folder you’re trying to open. (The folder’s name appears in the message’s title bar.) A similar message appears when Windows won’t let you peek inside a file.
Probable cause: The file or folder belongs to somebody with a different user account.
Solutions: If you hold an Administrator account, you can open files and folders from other people’s user accounts by clicking Continue. If you don’t have an Administrator account, however, you’re locked out.
If an account holder wants to let others see inside the file or folder, he or she should copy or move the item into the Public folder.

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How Make money with

                     Today I'm going tell you how earn money with for the beginners.As my experience if you are a blog writer is a extra income source. As a blog writer you are using some links for downloads or read more posts.In that case you can easily use for shrink that links.Step by step I will show you how earn money if you are a blog owner or not.

First of all hit below link or image for join to


There are few methods to earn with

Shrink URLs from and share them

        You can shrink any links using and share them.When some one go through that link you will be paid from $0.0002 for one visit.If you publish your link in many places and they have lot of visits then you can become  success.For that target you can use the method of commenting on blogs/forums/threads etc.see also one of my previous post how make strong comment to achieve your target.
       Then other way shrinking urls and earn from it is using on your blog.This method I also using in my daily blog updates.But if you are try all links on your post through it will affect directly to your daily traffic.The using method is shrink only download links.The visitors really need to download it and then they will wait for the ad you will paid from that visit. full page script

      You can make your blog pages for the ad pop-ups.From that you can earn more money but I'm not recommend this because that will be a reason to reduce your daily traffic. 

Earn from referrals 

      From the referrals button on your page you can redirect to the referrals page.see below picture
     The best way to earn money from will receive 20% earnings from your referrals for life time.If you have more active referrals you can earn more.For that take your referral link and share it and make more referrals from it.If you have a blog you can also use referrals banners.
  You can get more information from site.

Learn how to SEO your website step by step from 8 e books.

On the Pride of Pricing

The Bible says that Pride goes before a fall. Even the ancient Greek tragedies usually revolved around hubris or inordinate pride. Unfortunately, a lot of writers today, especially those self-publishing, are letting the Pride of Pricing put them out of business.

I remember talking to a woman awhile back who asked about my self publishing efforts. I told her a bit about the novels and books I had up on Kindle. When I told her that I set my price at 99 cents, she very proudly told me that she would never set her price that low. She went on about how many hours she spent writing it and editing. Then she said something like, "You demean your writing offering it for that price. I have my pride." Unfortunately, a few weeks later when I was reporting out a couple hundred sales that week, she didn't have any. She had her pride. What she didn't have were readers.

Too many writers come from an hourly wage mentality. This is natural. Most people work an hourly-wage job. We measure our success by how much per hour we make. Coming from education where you get paid the same if you work eight hours or you work 18 hours, I'm maybe not quite as tied to the hourly wage perspective. I'm more of a bottom line person. I don't care if I make $5.00 an hour or $50.00 if I have X amount of money at the end of the month. After all, I would be writing either way.

But the real danger of hourly-wage thinking is that it undermines one's business. You are no longer working for an employer. The freelance writer is selling a product. You have to sell the product for what the customer is willing to pay. If you are a well-known author with a huge following, you can charge the same for an ebook as for a paperback and get it. However, if you are an unknown quantity, you have to reduce the uncertainty of your reader by setting your price lower than those "name brand" people.

Think about it this way. I go to the store. I have acid reflux. So, on the shelf is Prilosec and the Store brand generic. The store brand is half what the name brand is. Which am I going to buy? They both have the same active ingredient. Well, that's a nobrainer. I'm going to get the generic. Now, some people simply are not going to believe the generic is as good. Or their pride makes them assume that costlier is better, but at the end of the day, I can be pretty sure at that store, the store brand will sell more units. The name brand and the store brand will produce similar profits, but the store brand will have higher sales.

Now, the store could get all prideful and say, "We have the same active ingredient. We are just as good as the name brand. After all, we have our pride," and charge the same as Prilosec. Now, who would be making the sales? Well, given the choice between the name brand and a no-name brand at the same price, most of us will go with the name brand, if for no other reason, than familiarity.

I know, it can offend our "artistic" sensitivities to compare our baby, our great work of literature, that literary offspring we labored over for years to a heart burn remedy, but sales is sales and customers are customers. Money is one aspect of making a buying decision. If you let pride in yourself and your work make you stupid about how consumers make decisions, then you will be like my friend. Full or pride, but empty of wallet.

[Pricing is one aspect of self publishing I discuss in Point of Sale: Secrets of Supercharging your Sales on Kindle. And, of course, it's just 99 cents.]

activate successfully Kaspersky Anti-Virus (2010/2011/2012/2013)

                       I'm going to tell you very important & helpful thing that every  computer users must be read.The whole post about the kaspersky anti-virus.Firstly you must know why kaspersky is better than other antivirus softawares.I know kaspersky is the best virus guard for detect and remove threats.I tried lot of antivirus softwares and finally stopped on kaspersky.Many of them couldn't detect all the threats and malware in the computer but kaspersky detect and give alert instantly when threat was found.
                 So today I'm going to tell you how activate all the versions  of  kaspersky anti-virus including 2010\2011\2012\2013.If you haven't kaspersky yet Firstly go through below links and downlaod the latest version of kaspersky antivirus .

 kaspersky 2013 trial download

                                                My target is not only activate kaspersky 2013 version but also activation of versions 2010/2011/2012.Downlaod my key file in Zip format and Read carefully below steps to activate succesfully your kaspersky antivirus.


To activate your kaspersky 2013

1. Open Kaspersky 2011 License Manager (from lower right corner).
2. Click 'Activate the application with a new license' button. (Delete any trial or old key first, by clicking the red X next to the key).
3. Disable your internet connection.
4. Select 'Activate commercial version' and enter the activation license code as 22222-22222-22222-2222U
5. Wait activation wizard message-Click OK.
6. Wait for wrong activation code message-Click OK.
7. Screen will appear with key file browse.
8. Browse to the key location and activate kaspersky.
9. Re-Enable your internet connection wait till fully connect to the internet and hit enter or ok.
10. Update virus definitions once/twice in a week to avoid key block

To activate your kaspersky 2012

1. Download and Install Kaspersky 2012
2. Turn off/Unplug/Disconnect your internet connection
3. Click "Manage License" From Right Bottom of Kaspersky, Then click "Activate the application"
5. Click on Next
6. In the next window, click on Browse
7. Specify the path to any key (file) from the Keys folder
8. Click on Next
9. After activation switch on the internet
10. Update virus definitions once/twice in a week to avoid key block

To activate your kaspersky 2011

1. Open Kaspersky 2011 License Manager (from lower right corner).
2. Click ‘Activate the application with a new license’ button. (Delete any trial key first, by clicking the red X next to the key).
3. Select ‘Activate commercial version’ and enter the activation license code as 11111-11111-11111-1111X
4. Wait activation wizard message->Click OK
5. Wait for wrong activation code message->Click OK->
6. Screen will appear with KEY FILE BROWSE
7. Browse to the key location and activate kaspersky.

To activate your kaspersky 2010

1. Disable/Unplug your internet connection.
2. Click for trial version or enter one of this invalid codes-

3. Kaspersky will show you an error.
4. A new window will appear with key file browsing option.
5. Select your key from browsing window.


3 simple SEO tips

Optimizing Your Page Titles

                               Adding meta titles to your pages is the first and simplest thing you will need to do to let search engines know, "Hey, I'm out here, and I'm relevant for this keyword".

Every SEO expert will tell you that prior to beginning, they will need to find what the relevant keywords for your site are. Truth be told, this is something you can also do yourself. If your industry is particular (or specific), you probably know it better than any consultant.

Do some research, and find out what the most relevant keywords for your site are. Look at your competitor's page titles, for example. Aside from this, I would focus on "long-tail" keywords, which involve phrase-like words and are more specific to a particular topic (3 or 4 words). Long tail keywords convert better, and are easier to rank for.

"Natural" Link Building

Everyone that has a website has heard about link building, which essentially entails getting other websites to link back to your site. How to do this, however, has changed dramatically in the past few years, and doing it incorrectly can actually hurt you.

Recently, Google's algorithms were created in a way to detect "unnatural" links like certain paid links, overdone anchor texts, etc. This can get complicated for a freshman SEO strategist, but the bottom line is, links should not be forced. They should happen organically, and the way to solicit them and be successful at getting good links has a lot to do with the content you create.

Great ideas for natural link building involve writing guest posts on interesting blogs, successful social media activity (and building followers), and associating yourself with other bloggers with relative interests. A high-traffic blog is only as good as its content, otherwise readers wouldn't visit it often. If your cause is interesting--and related to a topic fellow bloggers care about--chances are, they will want to talk about you.

Fascinate With Content

Aside from writing content on other blogs, you also need to write interesting content on your website. In the old days, writing content on your website could include a bunch of gibberish and bad grammar. As long as the targeted keywords were jammed in there somehow, you would have good rankings on search engines. Those days are gone. Nowadays, creating fascinating content is the one distinguishing factor that can be unique to you.

From info graphics to video blogs to inspirational stories, you have to put yourself out there. Say something bold. Write about things that people care about. Put out an inspirational image. Make your audience laugh, cry... make your readers identify with your experience. This is my strongest suggestion for any aspiring ecommerce start-up: start with a daily blog, build your followers, and then blend in your ecommerce shopping cart onto your site. If you apply the analogy of the chicken and the egg, content is definitely the egg, which comes first in my book.

Once you get these three points down, you should start seeing an increase in traffic, a deeper interest in your products, and eventually, it should transfer into sales. As soon as your sales start growing, reinvest your earnings on expanding your traffic-building strategies. From PPC campaigns, to affiliate marketing, to an SEO consulting firm, they're all options I recommend--once you have an initial following.

Four Android phones beat iPhone 5 in US , but Apple still takes first place

                             Apple’s devices are notorious for dominating user satisfaction, but that supremacy is starting to slip. Android smartphones are becoming more and more popular, and most recently four of them have ranked higher in the US than the company’s iPhone 5. In fact, the latest smartphone to grab first place is the low-end $0 Motorola Atrix HD.

Mobile research firm OnDevice Research conducted a device satisfaction study by polling 320,000 mobile and tablet users in six countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Indonesia. Yet the most surprising results came from the US, where 93,825 mobile users were asked how satisfied they were with their device.
US mobile users reported a higher satisfaction with their Motorola Atrix HD device (8.57) than any other device. This is surprising, but could attest to a trend of smartphones becoming “good enough” for most users. Is it possible that many are now very happy with cheaper devices that get the job done, in the line of “better bang for your buck?”

OnDevice Research noted that the Android powered device comes “at a lower price point” but we wanted to make sure just what exactly we are talking about here. A quick check shows that this is your typical “$0 phone” (the ones that are advertised heavily as essentially free, with a three-year contract note in fine print).

That means it is at the equivalent price point of getting the iPhone 4, two generations behind the iPhone 5. Apple’s latest and greatest ranked in fifth (8.23), receiving a lower satisfaction rate in the US than the Motorola Droid Razr M (8.5), HTC Rezound 4G (8.32), and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (8.26).

Despite this, Apple still held first place in the US on an aggregate level, followed closely by Google with its Nexus devices. Rounding out the top five, Motorola was third while HTC and Nokia tied for fourth. Samsung was way down in 13th place, even below BlackBerry. This further shows we’re talking about a numbers game: manufacturers that make fewer but arguably better devices rank higher than those that make a wide array of them at varying levels of quality.

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Be Aware When You Install Third Party Code On Your Blog

We've been seeing a few problem reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, from blog owners who are not aware of the risks from installing third party code, on their blog. Some blog owners are not even aware that the code being installed is not supplied by Blogger - and is not subject to the same coding standards as code supplied by Blogger.

Third party accessories and code - from simple JavaScript that installs in the blog template, to attractive XML gadgets installed using the "Add a Gadget" wizard - has always been a challenge, to Blogger blogs. Knowing when you are installing code provided by someone other than Blogger / Google, and taking appropriate precautions, is your responsibility.

Blogger provides a large library of XML coded accessories, installed using the Layout "Add a Gadget" wizard. As we have learned in the past, however, the "Add a Gadget" accessory library is also used for distribution of non Blogger supplied gadgets.

Gadgets supplied by Blogger are available using "Add a Gadget", and are labeled "By Blogger". Google does have other accessory libraries - the late "iGoogle" library is one well known one. That aside, most Blogger blogs - and all non Google websites, which are used for distribution of Blogger accessories and gadgets - are non Blogger products.

Be aware of what you are about to install, on your blog.

  • A gadget provided using "Add a Gadget", and labeled "By Blogger" is a Blogger provided gadget.
  • A gadget provided using "Add a Gadget", but not labeled "By Blogger", is not a Blogger provided gadget.
  • A gadget provided using a Blogger blog, which is not published by Blogger, is not a Blogger provided gadget.
  • A gadget provided using a non Google website is not a Blogger provided gadget.

These are examples of Blogger supplied gadgets. Anything different is not a Blogger supplied gadget.

If you install non Blogger code in the template, and later see
Your blog has been deleted because of MALICIOUS JAVASCRIPT
this is a risk which you take.

Do not install non Blogger code on your blog, without knowing the risks.


get more traffic with back-links

         Do you really worry about your web site traffic??If you are looking for increase your web traffic you must read my earlier post below the title of increase traffic.If you are a beginner to this field firstly take a idea from reading one of my previous post 10 tips to increase traffic in your blog.Today I'm going to help you about one thing which is in that post.

comment on other sites and make back link to your site
                      commenting is a very popular method to increase traffic .but most of blog beginners don't know properly how  commenting well and make strong back link to their blog.  Today I'm going to explain you how make really traffic to your site by commenting on other blogs.

find blogs compatible for your blog title
              The important thing is you must know before comment on other blogs choose blogs which are compatible with your blog keywords. because if you having blog under title "technology" it is useless comment on  "travel blog" with your link.your comment will be removed by the blog admin .If blog admin don't get any action about your comment blog readers will see your comment but they don't visit your blog because they haven't any tendency  tendency to visit your first thing you must find blogs under your keywords to comment .Its so difficult to search on the Google  and select the blogs .
                  As the readers of PentiumPro you have a chance to do it easily using G lock blog finder.

Click here to download  G lock blog finder free edition.
watch below video clip and get idea how its work

make strong comments
   This is the second important thing you must know if you comment on other blogs. I saw in many blogs readers have commented like 
                  " Great post! .feel free to visit my site ......."
           What do you think about it?if 100 blog readers saw your comment 1 or 2 of them will visit your blog.
Then what is the method of commenting?
                     Try this.............
 Then we think like this .you have a technology blog and also you have a post about blogger tricks,increase site traffic,earn money with internet etc.then you are going to comment on technology blog on  post written under the title blogger tricks .then make a comment using little description about it and tell you have more information in your blog insert your link with "Read more" phrase.more than half of readers will visit your blog and sometimes they will bookmark your site to visit again.

     I hope to tell another important things which are using on making successful back-links from another post.   
  enjoy & get more traffic by back-links!

power point tips to create professional looking presentation

Save Your Fonts with Your Presentation
If you're preparing a presentation that you plan to distribute to others, be sure that you check this option by clicking on the Tools button in the File/Save As dialog box.  This will work for most TrueType fonts on the Windows platform.

Saving Your Toolbar Configurations
If you like to customize your UI, move toolbars around, configure toolbars, etc, then you'll want to know that all this information is stored in c:\windows\application data\microsoft\powerpoint\ppt.pcb
By copying this file, you can move your customizations to other machines.

Displaying Keyboard Shortcuts in Tool Tips
If you'd like to see the available keyboard shortcuts for menus, commands, and toolbar buttons, go to Tools/Customize, click on the Options tab, and click on "show shortcut keys in screen tips".

Getting Rid of Short Menus
Forgetting user reaction to this feature when it was introduced in Word years ago, the Office team decided to try it again.  Unfortunately, it's still annoying.  To see all of your options when you click on menus, go to Tools/Customize, click on the Options tab, and uncheck "menus show recently used commands".

Preview Fonts in the Toolbar
If you'd like to see previews of the actual fonts in the font selection of the formatting toolbar, go to Tools/Customize, click on the Options tab, and click "List font names in their font", click Close.

Making Auto-Fit Text Stop Auto-Fitting
Turn this feature off by going to Tools/Options, click on the Edit tab, and uncheck "autofit text to text placeholder", click OK.

Getting Rid of Tri-Pane View
Unfortunately there is no way to permanently avoid this improvement, but you can quickly get rid of it by holding down the CTRL key when you click on the Slide View button.

Using Ctrl-Drag to Copy
You can quickly make a copy of any object by holding down the CTRL key while you drag on the object.  You will then "drag off" a new copy.

Making Slides Print Correctly
PowerPoint has certain defaults to determine how it prints each object on the page.  You can see over-ride these defaults.  Go to View/Black and White; this will show you a gray-scale preview of how your slide will print.  To change the print settings for any given object, right-click on it, then click "Black and White", and then choose the appropriate print option for that object.  Master objects can be selected by going to the
Master page View.

Preview Slide Show Effects
While editing a presentation, hold down the CTRL key while clicking the slide show view button; this will open a tiny preview window showing that slide in slide show mode.

Setting the Default Text Style
 If you want to change the style of the text that appears when you type things that aren't the title or the slide body, do the following:

Make sure no objects are selected.
From the Format menu, select Font. Make all the changes that you want there, and click OK.
From that point on, new text will be created in that style.
To Set the formatting for the title or slide body objects, go to the Slide Master and format these objects on the master.

Using Different Backgrounds within one Presentation
 Users of PowerPoint 2000 and lower will only have two background designs automatically supplied with the Masters (counting both the Slide Master and the Title Master).  However, you can have any design you want on any slide. From the Format menu, select Background. Check the box that says "omit background items" and this will make the slide ignore the Slide Master's design. You are now free to add whatever design you want to this slide. If you want to do this to many slides at once, go to the Slide Sorter, select the slides, and then use the Format menu command. Remember though that if you choose to do something like put a photographic background on many of your slides instead of doing it once on the Master, that your file size may increase dramatically.
PowerPoint 2002 supports multiple background masters.

Using More than One Guide
 If you like using guides, but wish there were more, you can create additional Guides by simply holding down the CTRL key while dragging on an existing Guide. This will create a new guide. To get rid of guides, just drag them off the edge of the slide.

Using Guides to Measure
Make the Guides visible by using View/Guides.  Then, hold down the SHIFT key while you click-and-hold a guide; the tooltip for the guide will display 0:00.  As you move the guide, the distance the guide covers from the beginning of the drag will be displayed in the units of your ruler.  In this way you can measure distances between objects, place guides at specific places, etc.

Creating Pages with Slides and Descriptive Text
If you want to create printable pages that have notes or descriptive text associated with each slide, PowerPoint has a feature designed to do just this called Notes Pages, or Speaker's Notes (depending on which version you're using). To view the Notes page for any slide, go to the View menu and select Notes Pages. You will see an image of your slide there, and a placeholder for adding your script, notes, or any other text you wish. You can cut-and-paste text from Word here if you like. To print these pages, bring up the Print dialog, and at the bottom of the dialog where it says "Print What:", select Notes Pages. These pages were originally designed to be used as audience hand outs (with space for the audience to take notes) but were also used by many as speaker's notes: the text block would have the script of the presentation, to be used by the speaker, or for sales binders to educated sales people.

Making Presentation Files Smaller
 Prior to PowerPoint 97, there was no internal file compression code inside of PowerPoint, and files could get pretty big quickly. The most common cause of large files is the addition of large bitmaps. PowerPoint 97 compresses these bitmaps, but previous versions do not. To keep your presentations as small as you can, try reducing the resolution of your bitmaps, which will bring their size down tremendously. For viewing on screen, the bitmaps don't need to be more than 96 dpi; they won't print nicely until they're up around 150 or higher, but the screen always displays at 96 dpi, so if the primary viewing medium is the screen, there's no point in having the bitmaps be a higher resolution. Also, the bitmap format can make a big difference to your file sizes. JPEG and PNG both have good internal compression code. GIF has some, but not as good as JPEG. BMP files are the largest; TIFF files will also be very large.
Sometimes, as you're working on a presentation, you'll notice that the file seems to get bigger for no reason.  To get rid of this "bloating", save the file using "File/Save As" and give the file a new name.  This can reduce the file size up to 50%.

Building Presentations for Distribution to Others
  If you're making a PowerPoint presentation that you intend to distribute to lots of different people, here are some important things to watch out for that will cause problems:
1. Stick with the fonts that come installed with Windows; Fancy fonts that appear on your machine will cause problems if everyone else doesn't have them.
2. Avoid embedding sounds and videos: these will not go from Mac to Windows gracefully, and you have to be very careful about how you insert the files in order to get them to "travel" properly. See the FAQ section for more information on this.
3. Try looking at the presentation on a different platform (Mac vs Windows); be prepared for some visual changes in your file--the version or platform may not support some of the features you've put in, so be sure to sanity check your file on several different machines and versions BEFORE you distribute it!

Easily Changing from Caps to Lower Case (or Vice Versa)
 If you have text that is in the wrong case, select the text, and then click Shift+F3 until it changes to the case style that you like. Clicking Shift+F3 toggles the text case between ALL CAPS, lower case, and Initial Capital styles. You'll be surprised how often you use this once you get the hang of it!

Nudging Objects
 You can use the arrow keys to move objects very small distances. This is a big win for those laptop users who no longer have mice. Select the object, then use your arrow keys. Each press of the key will move the object on "grid unit" (1/12th of an inch, don't ask why); if you hold down the ALT key while nudging, or if you have the grid turned off, you can move the objects one pixel at a time.

Saving Across Multiple Diskettes
 From the File menu, select Pack and Go. This wizard will compress your PowerPoint presentation and copy the file onto as many floppies as are necessary.  Be sure to format a bunch of floppies BEFORE you start the process, and make sure they are empty.  This feature requires PowerPoint 95 or higher.

Subliminal Messages
These can be pretty hysterical in the right circumstances. Create a text object. With the text object selected, click on the Animation Effects button on the tool bar (the one that looks like a yellow star), and then click on the "flash once" button. Go to slide show and see the message quickly flash and then disappear.

Editing Drawings
Anything you draw with the pencil tool, you can edit. To get the object into "points mode", either double-click on the object, or select it then hit the Enter key. You will then see points at every vertex, which you can move. You can add points by holding down the shift key and clicking, you can subtract points by holding down the ALT key while clicking, and you can of course just drag points around.

Soft Shadows
You can create "soft" shadows for square or round objects that sit on a solid color background. Make a copy of the object, then change its fill to be shaded from black to the background color, with the shading set with black going from the center out to the background color at the edges. Make this object about 150% bigger than the original object, and put it behind the object. This will give you the effect of "soft" shadows.

Selecting Small Objects
Hit the ESCAPE key to insure that nothing is current selected, then repeatedly hit the TAB key, which will toggle you through a selection of all of the objects on a slide. This is useful for selecting very small objects, or objects that are covered up by other larger objects.


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Download you Tube videos easily using pc and mobile phone without any software from any format

                                  When you download the you Tube videos you must use internet download manager or a youtube down loader software. but sometimes IDM dosen't work with some videos.when using mobile phone it is difficult to download those videos.By using this way you can download any youtube videos using pc or mobile phone from any format what you want.

follow the bellow simple steps

  1. Go to YouTube here
  2. search for your favorite video 
  3. Replace " WWW. " in the url of that video from " SS "  and go through that link.see the bellow picture

             4.Then you can see window like this after few seconds
           choose the format what you want to download .
Download the video and enjoy !
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HP Looks to Limit Student Labor in China

                        HP, one of the top three PC manufacturers, announced Friday that it had directed suppliers in China to limit their use of student labor. The move comes amid growing concerns in the tech community about working conditions in overseas factories.

The announcement also follows recent efforts by Apple to address problematic labor practices in China.

As with other high-tech companies, HP sources many of its products from China, and the company is taking a proactive stand on the increase of student and temporary workers. In many cases, underage workers -- often with forged documents -- are recruited to work in factories by agencies that offer the promise of internships or temporary assignments.

HP may not have faced the kind of negative media coverage that Apple has with this issue, it may be looking to head off any bad PR if it ends up directly connected to a scandal.

"I'd call it proactive fire prevention," said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT. "Scandals around students in China being forced to work in various manufacturing jobs have been around for years, but ongoing contractions in the country's labor force mean that the practice is likely to intensify rather than retreat."

HP did not respond to our request for further details.

Future Proofing

The move by HP suggests that American companies are taking note of conditions in China and are responding. Apple, which has had more than its share of negative press for working conditions at its iPhone suppliers' factories in China, last year joined the Fair Labor Association, one of the world's largest workplace monitoring groups.

In the case of HP, it shares a manufacturer of products with Apple: Foxconn, which has been the source of bad PR because of complaints about the treatment of workers who assemble the iPhone.

Given the pressure on Foxconn to meet the labor treatments set out by the Fair Labor Association, the company will have to change its practices. In this case HP could be taking advantage of that momentum and "future proofing" against allegations.

"By putting its manufacturing partners on notice, HP is also placing the blame for any future incidents firmly on them," King told TechNewsWorld. "That may make the action seem more or less symbolic but it's a necessity given the circumstances. No U.S. company wants to be tarred with the brush of what is essentially slave labor. "

Changing Role at HP

While HP is still one of the world's tech giants, it's been the recent victim of negative press thanks to massive accounting fraud at Autonomy, a British software company it acquired in 2011. As the company attempts a turnaround, avoiding any future negative spotlight is crucial.

"This obviously has Meg Whitman's fingerprints all over it," industry analyst Jeff Kagan told TechNewsWorld. "We have to expect HP to think and act differently going forward. Yes, this is new and different for HP but may be more in line with the company going forward."

The question is whether HP can back up its warnings to its Chinese suppliers.

"It seems to be a pretty ordinary statement," said Steve Blum, president of Tellus Venture Associates. "It's a common enough problem. Shoddy labor practices in a low wage market are exposed, large multinationals that benefit take a hit to brand image and implement, or at least announce, measures to ensure it doesn't happen again."

It isn't likely this move will disrupt HP's -- or Samsung's or Apple's -- supply chain, Blum added.

"They're all more or less adopting common standards," Blum told TechNewsWorld. "Costs will go up, but the problems with illegal and/or unethical labor practices are a symptom, not a cause. Wage expectations in China are rising along with living standards. A lot of the problems we're seeing with labor practices are ill-considered and ultimately futile efforts to fight that trend."

Enforcement by an outside commercial entity like HP may be mostly rhetoric, expained Pund-IT's King. "It has no effective way to force partners or government officials in China to clean up their acts. The company could threaten to reduce orders, but manufacturing options for complex technology products are limited ether by both access to skilled workers, and to areas where wages are low enough for the company to maintain competitive pricing and positive margins."

6 Effective Ways To Increase Search Engine Ranking

               Showing up on search engines is one of the most critical ways to increase website traffic and expose your content, product or service to people who might be interested in what you have to offer. Most of the major search engines utilize an algorithm to determine where a website ranks. The search engines have set up specific criteria that a website must meet to get to the top of the list. The criteria are different for every engine, but all engines share several commonalities. It all boils down to the type and amount of content provided on a given website, the level of optimization done on the site, and the popularity of the website (link popularity/PageRank).
These days it’s not enough to have a web presence, you need to be ranking for the best search terms in your niche. If your business website has been struggling to get onto the first three pages of Google, there are some greate tools. Best of all, these tips are all based on social media, and are easy to integrate into your online marketing strategy.

1. Keywords Reserch
Do some research on how many people are actually searching for your site, Decide what search queries you want to show up for. Many times it is best to consult a “natural search engine optimization” professional during this process. There are several tools available from Google, Overture, and third party software developers that can make the Keyword Reserch process easier.

2. Include Keywords in Your Blog Posts
What’s better than fresh content? Fresh content with great keywords! Whenever you publish a new post, make sure that it’s optimized for the search engines. Use high and low competition keywords, to attract people to your blog. Use your Google keyword tool for research, or a WordPress plugin like Inbound Writer. Both will help you rank higher.

3. Write For Links (link bait)
For a triple whammy, write posts that you know will get linked to by top ranking blogs and websites. These are called ‘link-bait’ posts, and are edgy, controversial or very interesting. The easiest way to do this, is to write a blog based on someone else’s blog, credit them for it and invite a response.

4. Use Google Places and Optimize It
Sign up for Google Places and use the code on your website. When you’re going through the descriptions, use the right keywords to increase your chances of being found in general searches. Always include your location in the keywords, and track your clicks. Adapt your keywords as needed based on the free analytics Google provides.

5. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Page
If you need your business to be on the first page of Google, create a LinkedIn page for it, and optimize. Do this by carefully inserting great keywords in the information section of your page. Be sure to include links to your other social media pages, and your business website here for an additional boost.

6. Youtube Videos on Your Website
Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it’s owned by Google. Post business videos to Youtube, then embed them on your business website. You’ll get more traffic coming from Youtube, and more traffic going to your Youtube page It’s a win-win! Remember to optimize each video title, description and keywords for best results.

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installing ubuntu on nexus7

What you will need

  • Nexus 7 Tablet (8GB, 16GB, or 32GB)
  • Standard MicroUSB Cable (should come with the device)
  • Ubuntu Nexus 7 Desktop Installer installed on your development system(Version 1.7 now supports 13.04)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or Later


Micro USB Host Cable (OTG Cable) - used for attaching keyboard, mouse, etc.

Unlocking the Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 ships with a locked boot loader  You must unlock it in order to flash different images to the device. Fortunately, this is a trivial process, and you only need to do it once.

  1. Reboot the Android device into the Android boot loader. To do this, first power down the device in the normal fashion (hold down the power button, then select power off and wait a few seconds). From the off state, hold the volume down button and press the power button. Continue holding the volume down and power buttons until you see the boot loader UI.
  2. Plug in the device to your laptop with your micro-usb cable The device now displays the boot loader GUI, which looks like this:

  • Verify fastboot lists the device. In a terminal on your laptop, run:

 * $ sudo fastboot devices
1234567891234567        fastboot

  • Start the bootloader unlock process:

sudo fastboot oem unlock

         You are prompted on screen to unlock the bootloader on the Android device screen. Follow the on-screen directions to continue. Your screen should now look like this:
Complete the process by rebooting:

sudo fastboot reboot-bootloader
Or simply press the power button.

When the device reboots back into the bootloader (fastboot mode), you should see "LOCK STATE - UNLOCKED" in small red print. At this point your device is now unlocked.

Installing Ubuntu 13.04 on Nexus 7

Once all setup has been completed, the installation can start. To install, ensure the Nexus 7 is in fastboot mode, plug it into your computer (and make sure NO OTHER DEVICES are plugged in).

Find the installer in the dash (search for 'nexus'):
This will provide a Graphical Interface for installing Ubuntu. This tool will download the latest image automatically, and flash it accordingly. The flashing step should take about 2 minutes. Once the flashing is complete, the device will reboot and finish the installation. This step can take 10-15 minutes.


7 tips to get more members to your forum

1. Advertise Your Forum On Other Forums Or Websites.
If advertising at a forum, be sure to put it in the advertising section or in your sig. For websites, you could try putting it in the guestbook or hooking up with the affiliates page. This step is a major key in getting new members. When advertising your forum, you may want to put the advertisement in the form of a mondo, eye-catching banner.
2. Spruce Your Forum Up And Make It Fancy And Unique.
Visitors will be more obliged to join a forum that is well-combed. Try getting a good skin, good images, good smiles, and think up some good topics. If you can, try to put some features on your forum that aren’t common on some of the more popular ones.

3. Encourage Your Members To Promote Your Forum.
Have them advertise it on other forums/websites and have them refer to good friends about the forum. You shouldn’t force them to do so, but if they are loyal to your forum and want to see it grow, they’ll be happy to oblige.
4.Try Your Best To Shine The Light On All Your Members.
If any member feels left out or is being mistreated, then they’re most likely going to leave. Not only did you just lose a member, but you probably lost the member’s ability to promote your forum.
5. Do Everything In Your Power To Keep Your Forum Active.
Visitors don’t like to join dying forums, so be sure you can post something every day or so. If you’re presenting something new every now and then, your current members will probably follow.
6. Be a ‘Dual Poster’.
This is where you create multiple accounts yourself and use them all so it seems like your forum is active, drawing in new members. Use this trick only if you are desperate. But remember, you will have to keep going into your other accounts to keep the secret hidden. If you made like 10 accounts, people will realize something is up. And remember, if you make someone a mod, they can see IP addresses on accounts. So they might know its you.
7. Create Contests.
For example, you could give someone moderator status for whoever helped out the most or something. You should make the contest meaningful and the prize worth fighting for. For instance, if you’re a multimedia/movie/music related forum, you can give your users some DVD, video or such multimedia software.


Axiom Hauls Multiple ADDY Awards from AAF-Houston

Axiom creative earned five gold and three silver ADDY Awards, plus eight Citations of Excellence from the American Advertising Association's Houston chapter during its 51st annual awards ceremony on Feb. 2. Axiom's gold- and silver-winning projects are now eligible for district competition, joining entries from AAF chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Axiom's 2013 AAF-Houston Chapter ADDY Awards (Entry -- Category):

  • Basic Energy Services Posters — Collateral Material: Poster - Campaign
  • Basic Energy Services Illustrations — Elements of Advertising: Visual  Illustration, Campaign
  • Art League Houston 2012 Gala Invitation — Advertising for the Arts & Sciences: Collateral - Cards, Invitation or Announcements
  • Hope Stone's Moments of Hope 2012/2013 Season — Advertising for the Arts & Sciences: Collateral - Brochure/Sales Kit
  • Axiom Stationery — Advertising Industry Self-Promotion: Creative Services and Industry Suppliers - Stationery Package

  • Axiom 2012 Demo Reel — Advertising Industry Self-Promotion: Creative Services and Industry Suppliers - Broadcast
  • Art League Houston  — Advertising for the Arts & Sciences: Collateral - Brochure/Sales Kit
  • Dogwoods Logo Series — Elements of Advertising: Visual - Logo

Click here to view the list of Axiom projects nominated for 2013 ADDY Awards.

      Apple beats Samsung as top phone seller in US

      NEW YORK: The launch of the iPhone 5 and the declining popularity of non-smartphones have made Apple the biggest seller of phones in the US for the first time, research firm Strategy Analytics said Friday.The firm estimates that Apple shipped 17.7 million iPhones of all kinds to US buyers in the October to December period, meaning it accounted for one in three new phones.
      Samsung Electronics of Korea was close behind, shipping 16.8 million phones, including non-smart ones. Samsung has been the largest seller of phones to the US market since 2008, Strategy Analytics said.NPD Group, another research firm, found that Samsung phones still outsold the iPhone in the quarter, by 31 percent to 29 percent. It tracks retails sales while Strategy Analytics tracks shipments, so the numbers are not directly comparable.Worldwide, it's clear that Samsung is still the biggest phone vendor with 23 percent of the market,
      according to a third research firm, IDC. Apple is number three, with 9.9 percent of the market. In between sits Nokia with 17.9 percent.Samsung beats Apple globally even when only smartphones are considered. It shipped 63.7 million units worldwide versus Apple's 47.8 million.
      iPhones are more expensive than most Samsung smartphones. They're well within reach for US buyers, but not for buyers in the developing world, where cheaper phones running Google Inc's Android operating system dominate.In the US, iPhone sales are usually very strong in the first few months after a new model is released. They then taper off. That means Samsung could regain the phone crown as early as this quarter, as measured by Strategy Analytics.NPD said the iPhone 5 was the single most popular phone in the US in the holiday quarter. The Samsung Galaxy S III was No. 2, followed by the older iPhone models, the 4S and 4.

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