Steam Kicks Off Autumn Sale, Slashes Prices On Some Huge Titles

Steam Kicks Off Autumn Sale, Slashes Prices On Some Huge Titles

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Hold the phone: Steam kicked off its Autumn Sale for 2013 on Wednesday, and there are some incredible deals going down. Seriously. I just purchased Outlast without batting an eye. Outlast, by the way, is currently 66 percent off, at $6.79, down from $19.99. The sale consists of daily deals, so what's up there today- Sleeping Dogs for just $4.99, Skyrim for just $7.49, and The Walking Dead for just $6.24-won't be up there tomorrow.

The entirety of the Autumn Sale lasts until Dec. 3, in which new titles will be put up on Steam's site every eight hours. Upcoming titles, according to Steam's site, includes Crysis 2 and Hammer Watch. These are some big, AAA titles that you should be playing if you haven't already. In addition to what's featured on Steam's site, there are a ton of other sales going down right now: State of Decay is down to $13.39, Bioshock: Infinite is just $19.99, while PayDay 2 has been lowered to $17.99. Your wallet is about to hurt real bad.

New games will go on sale until Dec. 3, so keep your eye on Steam's site if something you want to buy hasn't been discounted yet. I'm perusing through Steam's site and there are a ton of good deals right now, which is both good and bad depending on your point of view.


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