Nexus 10 2 launch event invites not expected for 2013


By Peter Chubb Posted 26 Nov 2013, 04:37

It is almost the end of November and still no sign of the Nexus 10 2 release date, which we are very surprised about considering the current model is now just over a year old. We thought Google would have made some sort of announcement by now, but they are being very subdued on the matter.

Most recent rumors would suggest the 2013 Nexus 10 model will be released this week, with two days suggested, Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday, but these two dates are hard to believe considering Google has yet to shout this from the rooftops.

Saying that, we do not expect them to make a big song and dance about its release like Apple did with the iPad because they didn't with the Nexus 5 launch. There was no huge media event for the Nexus 5, just details put up on the Google Play Store.

It is for this reason why we believe there will be no Nexus 10 2 launch event invites sent out and as such will just be unveiled on Google's website.

We noted that the new 2013 Nexus 10 model is now a little late, but maybe this could be perfect timing because just imagine what sales will be like for the new Nexus 10 during Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, which is when we know people shop online far more during these events than most over times during the year.

If Google do not release the Nexus 10 2 by this Friday, then Apple will make a killing with its iPad Air later this week because we have already seen many stores getting ready to offer discounts.

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