New Surface 2 versus iPad Ads Have a Split Personality, No Siri

When Microsoft first started rolling out ads to compare the Surface devices to Apple's iPad, it was more about how just demoralizing the iPad without really showing much about how the Surface really worked. The ads were comical and enjoyable, but they didn't produce the effect Microsoft really intended - i.e., to cause consumers to want to purchase a Surface instead of an iPad.

For the last few months Microsoft has hit on a sort of sweet spot with their new ad campaigns, where they focus directly on the features of the Surface and how they fit into real life, and they are finding that these types of ads are working. So, in a new round of Surface vs. iPad ads, Microsoft has taken both concepts and melded them.

In the following new ads, distinct features of the Surface, Windows 8.1, and the apps are highlighted, taking up the majority of the airtime, with a little iPad bashing thrown in at the end.

Will these new ad types work?

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