get more traffic with back-links

         Do you really worry about your web site traffic??If you are looking for increase your web traffic you must read my earlier post below the title of increase traffic.If you are a beginner to this field firstly take a idea from reading one of my previous post 10 tips to increase traffic in your blog.Today I'm going to help you about one thing which is in that post.

comment on other sites and make back link to your site
                      commenting is a very popular method to increase traffic .but most of blog beginners don't know properly how  commenting well and make strong back link to their blog.  Today I'm going to explain you how make really traffic to your site by commenting on other blogs.

find blogs compatible for your blog title
              The important thing is you must know before comment on other blogs choose blogs which are compatible with your blog keywords. because if you having blog under title "technology" it is useless comment on  "travel blog" with your link.your comment will be removed by the blog admin .If blog admin don't get any action about your comment blog readers will see your comment but they don't visit your blog because they haven't any tendency  tendency to visit your first thing you must find blogs under your keywords to comment .Its so difficult to search on the Google  and select the blogs .
                  As the readers of PentiumPro you have a chance to do it easily using G lock blog finder.

Click here to download  G lock blog finder free edition.
watch below video clip and get idea how its work

make strong comments
   This is the second important thing you must know if you comment on other blogs. I saw in many blogs readers have commented like 
                  " Great post! .feel free to visit my site ......."
           What do you think about it?if 100 blog readers saw your comment 1 or 2 of them will visit your blog.
Then what is the method of commenting?
                     Try this.............
 Then we think like this .you have a technology blog and also you have a post about blogger tricks,increase site traffic,earn money with internet etc.then you are going to comment on technology blog on  post written under the title blogger tricks .then make a comment using little description about it and tell you have more information in your blog insert your link with "Read more" phrase.more than half of readers will visit your blog and sometimes they will bookmark your site to visit again.

     I hope to tell another important things which are using on making successful back-links from another post.   
  enjoy & get more traffic by back-links!


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