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Axiom's new HQ gets kudos from Houston media

Now that the dust has settled for Axiom, which moved into its new residence at 1702 Washington Ave. on Feb. 27, word about the historic Fire Station No. 6 in Houston's Sixth Ward is spreading like ... well, wildfire.

In a good way, of course. On Thursday, Pat Hernandez of KUHF-FM 88.7 (Houston Public Radio/NPR) visited Fire Station No. 6 and was impressed with its restoration. He interviewed Axiom President Tom Hair for a segment that aired during drive time on Thursday evening and Friday morning, and is posted on the KUHF website.

The next day, Whitney Radley of CultureMap, Houston's go-to source for what's hip in Houston, stopped in for a tour. She was the first reporter to stand on the roof of the building, which offers a coveted view of downtown Houston.

Plus, a groundswell of responses to our Facebook page has emerged, along with a few tweets @axiomcreative.

Honestly, it's an exciting time to be here at Fire Station No. 6.

Stay tuned.

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“Discover Cameron” is dealt an ACE Award by BMA’s New York chapter

What started a year ago as an initiative to produce a new look and message for how Houston-based Cameron (NYSE: CAM) presented itself in the marketplace has gained national attention.

“Discover Cameron,” the interactive collaboration by Axiom and Cameron’s marketing team, won third place in the Event Marketing Trade Show category at the Business Marketing Association’s ACE awards in New York, BMA executive director Ned Clausen announced on Monday.

Entries from the U.S., Canada and Asia were submitted in more than 60 categories. Judges for this year’s competition included representatives from Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, Google, Verizon, Motorola and Forbes. The 30th annual ACE Awards ceremony will be held April 18 in New York.

The ACE, which started in 1982 by the BMA’s New York chapter, is the only award in the nation that only recognizes B2B marketing achievement. The chapter, according to its website, “has brought together the industry’s creative elite in what The New York Times has hailed as ‘one of the industry’s best creative awards.’”

For Axiom, “Discover Cameron” has yielded a stream of accolades in 2012. The interactive presentation earned a Gold and two Silver ADDY awards at the regional level from the American Advertising Federation, and has advanced to AAF’s national competition, whose winners will be announced June 5 in Austin.


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Make money blogging

Making money from home blogging can only be achieved if the right terms are followed orderly, many people create blogs today from the experience gotten from others, some people intend to start making money just immediately after creating a blog. It doesn’t happen that way, you can’t make money from your blog without giving time to add more value to your blog. That is actually the basic step to attracting many visitors to your blog and eventually comes in revenue. I have a friend that was introduced into the basics of online money making. At first he thought it was a kind of junky tales, when he realized that much revenue could be earned from doing simple online jobs. Without hesitation he just set up a Naruto maniac blogspot, lol. So you can’t actually make money from your blog without setting up or applying the right systems. 
          This article will show you the best and most suitable ways to make money from your blog; the methods below are legit and will definitely make you some fortune if followed.

There are different ad network services scattered all over on the web today, which pays you just for putting their ads in your website. Some of which the revenue created is shared between you and the company.  Ad networks offer different services such as:

·        Pay per impression/view
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If your have a website with good traffic readings, you can as well get sponsors that will help sponsor your website for money making businesses. The returns are great. 

This is quite a very good way to actually raise some income working from home. You can become an affiliate for a company or program and help advertise or promote their products. You get paid for every product bought.

You can earn good profit writing reviews on your blog or website.

You earn from this program by actually referring people to their network. Most PTC and GPT sites offers this opportunity.

Always check-in because this list is updated regularly, make your comments and please help promote this blog if this article was useful.


Are you struggling to make some extra money to backup your old job? Are you tired of working hard each time and still earn just a few bucks? Do you want to make some good amount of money without investing? Then I guess freelance job maybe the perfect job you need. A freelancer is simply a person that works for different organizations or companies without being employed by them. The fun about these jobs is that you get to do them whenever you want to, that is you do them at your own convenience and believe me the rewards are great.

A freelance network consists of mostly 3 parties:
·        The employer (posts projects to be done, and pays through the ‘network’ after job has been completed).
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·        The network (connects the employer to the freelancer and vice versa, the network pays the freelancer after job has been done)

Freelance jobs can actually cover up for your daily job or earn you extra income each month. Most top freelancers earn up to $120 a day doing freelance jobs, some earn $500 weekly, yea! Freelance jobs can be a source of great income for starters.

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 Please feel free to add to this list any other Hyip site you find interesting, and also share your experience with Hyip sites.


Paid to write is actually the most straight forward and besides one of the best ways to make money online. You could actually earn a living from writing if you are actually working with the perfect network and also if you are indebted to your work. Some people write for 5 sites at a time, while some choose to write for just 1 or 2 sites in order to keep their focus on a leveled ground. I am not much of a writer though but I write for hubpages and a little for triond… I don’t really think writing is my calling because I don’t actually write because I love writing but because I want to earn from it.

          If you are a good writer then perhaps, chances are that you can earn greatly from writing for these sites below, because to me they are indeed the best sites to write for. Or you could write reviews and earn.

1.    Helium
This site has a collection of good quality articles. They pay very well for a well detailed and good quality article, usually up to $75 up front depending on the quality of the article.

2.    Associated content
For me AC is actually the best leading PTW site on the web because of their large community. And they also offer a good and rewarding payment plans. They pay more for any article written that has never been written or submitted before, in other words, they do not like rewritten articles and will pay you well for a true article written by you.

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4.    Squidoo
This is a very popular social group. It enables users to create groups and also submit articles and then pay for their writing. Articles here are referred to as ‘lens’. Their payment is based on the number of traffic your article receives. The more views you get the more pay you will get.

5.    Hubpages
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This app helps you highlight anything you’re selling on to your friends on facebook.

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Cameron’s Will Leadoff Speaker at Rice Marketing Symposium

Cameron VP of marketing and strategy Edward E. Will was the first of a heavy-hitting lineup of speakers who addressed a crowd of nearly 300 business school students and industry professionals in attendance at the 2012 Rice Marketing Symposium on Friday.

Will, a graduate of Harvard Business School and a key member of Cameron's executive team since 1998, shared with the audience his company's transition from executing marketing initiatives by individual business units to an enterprise-wide brand. Will pointed to the award-winning “Discover Cameron” interactive campaign, a collaboration between Cameron’s marketing team and Axiom, Cameron’s agency of record since 2005, as the latest example of a unified marketing message across Cameron's multiple business units.

He identified quality and customer satisfaction as priorities in strengthening Cameron's position in the marketplace. He also addressed the potential role of social media in B2B marketing, but cautioned that it may be a deliberate process at best. “Oil and gas companies are conservative and don't like change. Don't expect things to happen quickly,” Will said.

Following Will at the Rice podium were Drew Helmey, associate channel manager at General Mills; Layla Baughn and Sarah Litton, brand managers at Coca-Cola; Sara Ofner, associate brand manager at Coca-Cola; Vikki Dunn and John Biggs, chief marketing officers at GE Oil & Gas; and Sameer Bandhu, global leader of pricing and strategy at GE Power & Water.

7 Tactics to Kickstart Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

2012 is the year that mobile marketing goes mainstream. More than 3 million iPad 3’s were sold over its first weekend. Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous throughout society and the business world. And now, mobile marketing, which has long had a foothold in the consumer realm, will really come to the forefront of most B2B marketers with a sense of urgency that might catch even the most seasoned of pros off-guard.

Below are seven tactics that will help B2B marketing directors and executives make smart choices when embarking on their first mobile marketing campaign or project; whether it's a responsive + mobile website, a mobile web app, or a full-on app that's to be distributed through an app store, or a print campaign that helps bridge the gap between traditional ads, social media and mobile marketing.

1) For your first mobile project, go for easy wins. If you work for a Fortune 500 company and the first mobile project you are proposing is migrating your company's 50,000+ page corporate website over to a mobile optimized platform developed in HTML5, you're probably setting yourself up for failure, not to mention kicking up a hornets' nest of inter-divisional rivalries and corporate politics.

To make your life easier and to soften the ground for future projects, go for smaller mobile projects and initiatives that will help give you some real-world experience and feedback that will allow you to calibrate your broader long-term strategy. Instead of making the entire corporate website with its decade's worth of flash content optimized for mobile, create a mobile version that pares it down to 10 pages of content that will be most relevant to mobile users. There is a natural tendency to reinvent the wheel when marketing teams try to bring their materials to the mobile web. This can cause a lot of headaches in regards to older content formats and development platforms that were optimized for desktop/laptop viewing.

2) Avoid competing initiatives within your organization. This one might go without saying, but the No. 1 threat to your mobile marketing project or campaign would be a pre-existing one currently in development; either in another department or division or taking place at the corporate level. If you find this to be the case, figure out a way to team up and pool resources or re-evaluate the scope and goals of your project to make sure it doesn't overlap with someone else's. For better or worse mobile marketing has the undivided attention of the C-Suite, so it never hurts to have buy-in and support from the very top on your project.

3) No Adobe Flash. For those who specialized in rich media content and flash interactives, many held out for a long while for Adobe to develop a viable mobile version of Flash. That day never came. In November of 2011, Adobe formally abandoned their development and support of a Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers and backed what had then been a rival methodology — HTML5.

Now while there is still a time and place for Flash, smartphones and tablets are no longer on that list and the overwhelming majority of mobile users don't miss it a bit. Instead look at alternatives of providing a rich content experience to your users such as javascript frameworks like jQuery or MooTools to provide Flash-like level of interactivity and tweening to your online branding. Additionally, most mobile browsers now support H.264/MPEG-4 codecs for streaming online video so if you have a pretty extensive library of video and animation files, look at having these assets converted to H.264 or MP4 files.

4) Keep it simple. This might be related to #1 but I think it should apply always to all aspects of the mobile experience, from the information architecture, the look and feel, down to the messaging and content. Everything should be clear, concise and to the point when it comes to mobile user experience and content. Complex and non-intuitive design and longwinded messaging will kill your chances of success not to mention the battery-life of your audience's device.

iPad Sketch Elements from Teehan+Lax

5) Finger Friendly User Interface: Design for big-man-thumbs. The old paradigm of precise mouse cursor clicks and rollovers is not translating well to the mobile web. Older websites with tiny graphic buttons and links are a trickier for mobile users to navigating, forcing many to pinch and zoom into the webpage in order to touch a link and navigate. At minimum, you should refer to the various mobile interface guidelines provided by all of the main mobile OS platforms. Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines recommends a minimum touchable target size of 44 x 44 pixels, as does Google's Android Developers Guide.

One thing to consider is whether you want your users to be touching the buttons and links with their fingertips or pads. The average width of a index finger is roughly 57 pixels wide and the average width for thumbs is 72 pixels. Considering your content design and architecture so that it can accommodate these larger sizes will allow people to efficiently navigate through your content and get to where they want to go. The downside to this is that with mobile devices you are working within a very limited space, allocating space to these larger buttons, menus and navigational items means you have less real-estate to work with for your content.

6) Decide whether you want a mobile optimized website, a mobile web app, or a custom programmed app. All three involve different approaches to how they are created and developed as well as different technologies to program. As a rule of thumb; core aspects of your website should be accessible from mobile devices, brochureware, product demos and branded entertainment would be best suited to web apps and custom apps are usually best reserved for either branded games or in the aspect of B2B companies, some sort of dedicated industry reference or application tool for your customers.

The key is to take an honest look at your customer base, your audience and the people you aspire to reach. Find out what it is that they need that would be in line with your business goals and build a bridge to that. Pitfalls to avoid would be many of the Flash-based bells and whistles we've grown accustomed to with the old interactive kiosks and projectors of yore. Many of the great mobile apps and marketing initiatives owe a great deal to their simplicity and elegance. Strip away all non-essential features and content, and see what mobile platform is right for you.  

7) Use QR Codes to help bridge the gap. A couple of months back I posted a primer on QR Codes. The biggest missed opportunity I see in regards to how people implement QR Codes is that many do them as an afterthought. Many use them as giant urls and in the majority of cases the landing page is simply not optimized for mobile, forcing many people to squint and zoom to see what the content is, in many cases the QR Code directs people to a flash site. Marketing FAIL.

Also, be sure that your creative team are on board with utilizing these, in many cases if the team is not fully on board, the QR code will likely be made as unobtrusive as possible on print ads, in many cases too small to register on older smartphones. For some creative inspiration on how to incorporate QR codes into your next campaign, take a look at these examples.

Have additional questions about your brand's mobile marketing strategy? Contact John Luu at (713) 523-5711 or for more information.

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