What is Google AdSense.......?

Google Adsense ad network is a part of Google. It is a program which helps the web publishers (including bloggers) to earn money through displaying content based targeted ads on their sites.This ads are paying according to per-click and per-impression basis. Google gets these ads through Google AdWord and send them to publishers. According to most publishers, Google ad network is the best ad network. As most of my users are interesting in learning about today I am going to start my set of tutorials on Google ads.

Why you are interesting on Adsense....?
As I mentioned earlier Google Adsense is the best ad network I have ever seen. As a web publisher it is a one of the biggest hopes most of the bloggers has. This is because it's high revenue rate for there customers. Unlike some other Advertising programs Adsense have both per-click & per-impression based payment system.

Importance of Adsense
1. High revenue rate.
2. Wide range of ads.
3. More proven to get clicked by readers due to the relevance of ads to the content
 eg: If you are writing about SEO you will get some ads like web directories.
4. Ability of find the relevant advertisers.
5. Guarantee of payments.

However due to some misconducting behavior of past ad publishers, Google follow a list of very strict terms and conditions for ad publishers.Therefore it is difficult for most of the publishers to get a Google account. Even some countries has banned by Google. Therefore you have to strict to the terms and conditions of AdSense.

Can you participate as a publisher to Adsense.......?

Simply it is yes, But it is depend on the curtain criteria like following;
1. What is the niche you are writing about....?
2. How long do you writing on it......?
3. How much daily traffic are you are having...?
4. How much reputation have you earn so far......?
4. What is the language are you writing on...?
5. What is the country are you from.....? etc.

So, if you plan to having Adsense and earn through it try to make a very good web applicaton and apply for it. I will discuss about some important features that your web site have to have to get it confirm by AdSense in my next article.

Until that if you are planing to be a partner of Google Adsense you can follow this link to sign up AdSense

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