Top 5 Tech Gifts For Christmas 2012

With December looming just around the corner, it can only signify the start of one thing; Christmas. That dreaded of time of year has somehow managed to creep up on you for another year. It’s time to tackle the Christmas shopping mountain and take on the stressful task of trying to find the best items for as many of your loved ones as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible.

But, often the hardest part of buying presents is actually knowing (or in this case, not knowing) what to buy everyone. Your son has asked for the latest gadget, your daughter wants the latest smartphone, and your husband has been banging on about getting the newest tablet now for months. And, that’s exactly where your first problem lies – you have no clue what the latest technologies are…

Well, if you’re struggling for inspiration this year or are in need of a little guidance on what to buy, here is our guide to the top 5 tech gifts you should buy this Christmas:

1. Google Nexus 7

If you’re looking for this year’s newest and most exciting touch screen tablet, then Google’s rival product to the Apple iPad is the perfect option this Christmas. With impressive specifications, solid performance and raving reviews, whoever you decide to buy the gift for will not be left disappointed.

And what’s more, at costing nearly $150 less than Apple’s new iPad mini, it’s the perfect option for you if you’re being particularly cautious on what you spend.

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2. Kindle Keyboard 3G

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is the perfect gift if you’ve got a book-lover in your family. Combining free wireless with liquid ink technology, this eReader is the closest you’ll get to reading a real book – but, with the added advantage of being able to store all your favorite books in one handy device to read on the go! Sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, 6-inch E Ink screen, soft-touch finish and sitting at a relatively low $160, it really is a must-have present this Christmas.

3. Arcadie for iPhone

The Arcadie for iPhone is the perfect stocking filler present if you’ve got a gaming-fanatic youngster in the family. Simply pop an iPhone or iPod Touch into the case and it’ll convert it into a miniature arcade. With 6 free apps available, your recipient is bound to have endless hours of fun with this great device! And, even better for you, it’ll only set you back at around a low $23!

4. Lytro Light-Field Camera

The Lytro Light-Field Camera is a great present for any of those that enjoy capturing memories. It’s the first consumer camera that records the entire light field in order to make photo’s even more refined and breathtaking than ever before. At a cost of around $400, it certainly would make for a special present this Christmas

5. ES8000 Series 8 LED TV

If you’ve saved up a little bit of cash and are looking to buy a loved one an amazing present that’s sure to blow any others out of the water, then the ES8000 Series 8 LED TV is a definite must. With this Samsung TV featuring an ultra-slim design, floating screen, the ability to connect to web services such as Netflix and Skype, as well as being the first TV to feature voice and motion control, it really has the wow factor. Available at a pricey $2,100, you should save this present for someone really, really special.

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